Welcome my friends. So rather than continuing to accumulate various thoughts on theology in my brain and hijacking the Saturday Ramblings entries over on Internet Monk to discuss them, I have decided to try out WordPress once again. I can’t promise that I’ll post with any sort of regularity, but if I do happen to think of something and possess the time to write about it, I will do so. I may also post about music, my college experience, baseball, or the WWE if I feel like it, so be prepared for those sort of off-topic posts as well.

As far as the title of the blog is concerned, there are a few different meanings to it. It does not indicate a transition to atheism like one may assume. It refers to my journey from evangelicalism to what one could potentially describe as more “liberal” viewpoints. (Although I personally despise applying the left/right spectrum from politics to religion.) Many evangelicals would probably say that I’m straying from the faith, becoming lukewarm, or perhaps that I’m not nor was I ever truly a Christian. Hence, in their eyes, I am desanctified and I’m glad to be so.

In case you’re not familiar with me from elsewhere, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Vega Magnus. I’m a twenty-one year old accounting student from South Carolina. I was homeschooled for my entire life and while I won’t say anything against the concept of homeschooling, I have issues with the cult-ish far-right aspects of it, part of which I saw through my use of A Beka curriculum. I never really saw myself as a fundamentalist at the time and I saw a lost of their beliefs for the insanity that they were, but I actually absorbed more of their views than I realized at the time. It all went bad in early 2012 when I took their beliefs on total depravity to their rational conclusion; if the world is hopelessly screwed up and if humanity is mostly hopelessly screwed up, then what really is the point of living? Once you’ve avoided hell by becoming a Christian, you might as well just end it all. One doesn’t exactly develop a healthy view of other people either because one is constantly sin-sniffing and judging the hell out of people when in that culture as well. I eventually dealt with the mental anguish I was going through by just trying really hard not to think about it and that worked for a while, but in February 2013, I decided I was uncomfortable with that and began seeking out more answers, which led me to The Christian Monist and Internet Monk. I was incredibly relieved to finally find some theology that I could identify with and acquire some degree of peace of mind through. Since then, I’ve become what could almost be considered a Christian agnostic, I suppose. I don’t claim to have the all of the answers, but I do trust that God will sort everything out as well as it can be sorted. I still have some issues that I’ll discuss in time, but that is a decent overview of who I am, what I come from, and where I am now.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some proper entries in the future.